The Fulbright Seminar and Ski Weekend

In mid-February, the Fulbright-Norway grantees gathered in Oslo for a seminar in which we presented our on-going work. ¬†Immediately after the seminar, we enjoyed a special gathering and reception at the US Ambassador’s Oslo home.

#Fulbright scholars at the US Ambassador's house, Oslo, Norway ūüėú

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The Annual Fulbright-Norway seminar is much like a series of brilliant lightening talks.  Each of us had only 10 minutes to share a glimpse of our work here in Norway.  But the diversity of disciplinary training and unique inquiry was remarkable, and the vast array of impressions of our collective Fulbright work was indeed profound.  From crime narratives to climate change, from aqua culture to educational culture, from prison design to cancer research, there was so much to consider in these shared glimpses.

We often attend academic conferences that are directly in line with our own disciplinary training, so I discovered during the Fulbright seminar that there is something truly powerful about listening to the work of those outside our own field. ¬†Something important that catches the spark of the mind, a certain kind of connectivity that ignites one’s ideas. ¬†I came away from the day filled with certain inspiration, not only because my Fulbright colleagues are all quite talented and special in their unique ways, but also because I enjoyed the chance to extend my thinking beyond the frames and methods that I have been steeped in by the discipline-bound academy.

The inspiration of the seminar was followed up by a wonderful ski trip.  We all had the chance to spend extended time together in a ski resort near Lillehammer.  The exhilaration of the mind was met by the exhilaration of the snow bound slopes.

This Fulbright weekend was certainly a significant highlight of our Fulbright year in Norway.  There are many more stories buried within this brief account of a fantastic few days, but suffice to say, this time has crystallized in my mind as a memory of a lifetime.