Calling co-learners of all ages!

By now you have possibly caught wind of Networked Narratives – a networked “collaboratory” in digital storytelling.  Our open connected course embraces the notion of being “digital alchemists” as we thoughtfully mix together “elements” of media and storytelling.   #Netnarr is excited to open up new pathways for all different kinds of learners.  People have already started to come from far and wide.  They will come from varying human perspectives and most certainly, from differing experiences.  

Into this open melting pot of creativity, I bring my own son.  The course isn’t necessarily designed for kids. Nevertheless, my 11 year old son will also be joining the journey, participating in the face-to-face class discussions and emerging for the first time online.  He will step into the fray with thoughtful guidance.  And hopefully he will learn to develop some important digital literacies ;).

When Alan and I said #netnarr was an experiment, we weren’t kidding.  Sharing an open experiment with my own child is in a sense the most sincere testament to my faith in the meaningfulness of our shared work.  I figured I would “out” the fact that my kid was in the mix.  And I invite other co-learners of varying ages to join, since we imagine the true possibility of an intergenerational community of thinkers and creators.

If there is interest in creating a sub-group of younger co-learners, send a shout out, and we would be happy to help organize a sub-community or special projects.  Perhaps it could be kind of like a play group or co-op within the bigger umbrella of @NetNarr?