All the things we cannot see….

I am thinking about all the things we cannot see.

Things large and small, things gentle and things formidable.  Things floating right by us, things key to the way we live and breathe.  Love is in the air, and the elements, so many memories and molecules, and our countless communications too.   Sound waves, light, numbers and letters, signs and symbols, our loss, our hope, scents left behind. When you think about it, the air is like a library, a record of every life lived, every sentence uttered, every thought transmitted and still reverberating in it.

The world is beautiful because of what we cannot see.  But it also dangerous due to it.


…So Alan Levine & and I are forging ahead with the open connected course we call Networked Narratives.  I think our shared journey into digital alchemy is partially about things we cannot see.  And I know that digital alchemy is all about the unforeseen.  Alan has asked, Who wants to walk through the invisible #NetNarr doorway?  We invite you to walk through and imagine with us…