#DigCiz Summer 2017 Conversations (starting this week): Join us!

For those of you who are curious, the #digciz hashtag is an open community and a portal into a continuing conversation on digital citizenship in higher education.

We have scheduled several rounds of summer conversations and we hope to ask questions and explore ideas together. We have designed this emergent community as an open inquiry forum so that we can be responsive to what evolves in our conversations (i.e. we anticipate new questions/concerns and we will share with a spirit of open flexibility).  This means you are welcome to come and go your schedule permits, ….but we would love for you to join us at any point as we build new connections and further our networked engagement on the key topic of digital citizenry.

#DigCiz Week #1:  

May 30th – June 4, 2017

Bonnie Stewart and I will kick us off this week by asking questions about openness and participation including online activism and digital storytelling. We will ask whether our model of open citizenship is an idealized one, and how it actually intersects with the digital identity practices that platforms support and encourage.

Activities for #DigCiz Week #1:

Make a #4wordstory on digital citizenship and post to the #digciz hashtag on twitter!  We welcome everyone to kick off our collective conversation with a bit of creative inspiration.  Here is your prompt for writing your four word #digciz story:  What is good citizenship in a participatory space?  Your #4wordstory should have four words and can also share images.  (Please post your story to the #digciz & #4wordstory twitter hashtags by June 1st!  We hope to consider your story during our #digciz open hangout.)

-Join us for a live #DigCiz Open Hangout.  Thursday, June 1st 3pm EDT.   Conversationalists will include @MiaZamoraPhD, @bonstewart, @Autumm  and @sundilu Conversation topics will include: networks, connections, digitalstorytelling, performativity, slacktivism, etc.  ***If you would like to join us for the June 1 #DigCiz hangout, please contact Autumm Caines at @Autumm.  We would love to expand our exchange!

Looking forward to kicking off this summer with thoughtful and timely discussions.  ….And who knows what might come of the ensuing conversations?  With so many great #digciz thinkers/practitioners sharing about this topic in the open, I am certain some significant new pathways for our collective work will emerge!