Norwegian Cabin Life, #Ustaoset & #Finse

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinPinterestemailTumblrRedditOne of the hallmarks of Norwegian culture is the time spent away from it all in a cozy cabin in the woods.  If you are lucky enough, you might enjoy this kind of escape with friends and family.  It is a Norwegian ritual to unplug, pack it up, and head for … [Read more…]

The Fulbright Seminar and Ski Weekend

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinPinterestemailTumblrRedditIn mid-February, the Fulbright-Norway grantees gathered in Oslo for a seminar in which we presented our on-going work.  Immediately after the seminar, we enjoyed a special gathering and reception at the US Ambassador’s Oslo home. The Annual Fulbright-Norway seminar is much like a series of brilliant lightening talks.  Each of us … [Read more…]

Provocative Prague!

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinPinterestemailTumblrRedditOne of the goals we set for this year was to try and travel throughout Europe as much as possible.  We have been very fortunate to take some time to see different parts of Norway, but we have also escaped to some great cities of Europe in order to discover the … [Read more…]

#HappyNewYear 2018! Looking back, Looking ahead

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinPinterestemailTumblrReddit  On New Years Eve, I posted a quick reflection on Instagram that captured my musings on 2017: The year has certainly been one of mixed blessings.  But the personal growth I have experienced has been remarkable, and my gratitude runs deep for so many new kinds of learning experiences.  When … [Read more…]

The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, 2017

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinPinterestemailTumblrRedditOn December 10, the Nobel Committee awarded the annual Peace Prize in Oslo.  I was honored to attend the ceremony as a guest of the Fulbright Foundation. I count this honor of being included in the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony as one of the major highlights of my sabbatical year as … [Read more…]

Discovering Norway!

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinPinterestemailTumblrRedditIn Norway, the education system benefits from an “October Break” – a week put aside in the midst of the busy autumn season, where students (and professors) get a bit of time off.  We planned ahead, taking this opportunity to explore and discover a bit more of this country we have … [Read more…]

Moving on. We are here in Norway!

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinPinterestemailTumblrRedditTransitions are slow and steady business.  We have been in Norway for a few weeks, and now I can take a breath, look back, and marvel at the steps along the way in getting this family to the point and place we find ourselves in now.  In short, moving house and … [Read more…]