My First THATCamp: Part Two

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailTumblrRedditBack at the Camp – 10/6/12 9:15am – Here at Fordham University-Lincoln Center bright and early.  Everyone has their coffee/tea/breakfast.  Despite the early hour, there is intellectual energy in this room! 9:45am – A few more “Lightening Talks” to start the day.  My notes on the quick five minute presentations.  Topics: Trends … [Read more…]

My First THATCamp

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailTumblrRedditOver the course of this weekend I will attend my first THATCamp. You may ask, what is a THATCamp?  THATCamp stands for “The Humanities and Technology Camp.”  It is an unconference: an open, inexpensive meeting where humanists and technologists of all skill levels learn and build together in sessions proposed on … [Read more…]

The Autumn Equinox

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailTumblrReddit Fall, falling, fallen. That’s the way the season Changes its tense in the long-haired maples That dot the road; the veiny hand-shaped leaves Redden on their branches (in a fiery competition With the final remaining cardinals) and then Begin to sidle and float through the air, at last Settling into … [Read more…]

Welcome to WorldLiterate

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailTumblrRedditWorldLiterate is a new resource for readers and writers everywhere.  It is an invitation to discover the many worlds of literature and a forum for exploring stories that matter.  I encourage you to join the community and participate. At WorldLiterate -you can download a literary classic, -you can access a wealth of literary … [Read more…]